Ticket API


This API allows you to control NTT Com Services Trouble Tickets.

Resource URL

Please use global common domain, or the individual region domain.

If you want to use the global common domain, depending on the circumstances of your available points, your request connect to the nearest API gateway.

1.Base Path(Global Load Balance)


2.Base Path(Region)

  • region is jp|us|fr|sg
  • e.g. https://us.api.ntt.com/v1/business-process/tickets

Resource Information

Key Value
Response Format JSON
Authentication (OAuth) Yes
Bandwidth control#1 Yes
  • #1 implement appropriate flow restriction in the customer connection unit

Check Trouble Tickets

GET /v1/business-process/tickets

Request Parameters

Name Description type mandatory
serviceName Service Name#1 query argument Yes
  • #1 uno,bhec,ucaas,cloudn,sip-trunking,050plusbiz,ip-voice,smart-pbx,accs,bdp-e,mss

Example Request

 GET /v1/business-process/tickets?serviceName=uno

Response Parameters

Name Description type mandatory
accountId Account ID String
cRef        Enterprise Cloud Internal Ditinguish ID String
category    Category Int Yes
contractId Service Contract ID String Yes
distinguishName Service Distinguish Name String Yes
internalContractId Internal Contract ID String
serviceName Service Name String Yes
site Site String
ticketEndDate Ticket End Date String
ticketName Ticket Name String Yes
ticketStartDate Ticket Start Date String
ticketUrl Ticket URL String
troubleClearEstimationTime troubleClearEstimationTime String
troubleStatus Trouble Status Int Yes
troubleStatusUpdateDate troubleStatusUpdateDate     String
troubleTicketId Ticket ID   String Yes
resultCount resultCount    Int Yes

Example Result

          "accountId": null, 
          "cRef": null, 
          "category": 2, 
          "contractId": "N*********", 
          "distinguishName": "***別館L3_BE", 
          "internalContractId": null, 
          "serviceName": "L3 ベストエフォートアクセス フレッツタイプ(フレッツ別契約型)", 
          "site": null, 
          "ticketEndDate": null, 
          "ticketName": "test ticket", 
          "ticketStartDate": "2014-03-20T02:22:05Z", 
          "ticketUrl": null, 
          "troubleClearEstimationTime": null, 
          "troubleStatus": 2, 
          "troubleStatusUpdateDate": "2014-03-20T02:22:05Z", 
          "troubleTicketId": "**************"

Create Ticket


Update Ticket