Arcstar Universal One Circuit Alarm API


Users can get the active circuit alarms which occrued at most 90 days ago form this API.

Resource URL

Please use global common domain, or the individual region domain.
If you want to use the global common domain, depending on the circumstances of your available points, your request connect to the nearest API gateway.

1.Base Path(Global Load Balance)

2.Base Path(Region)

  • region is jp|us|uk
  • e.g.

Resource Information

Key Value
Request Format JSON
Response Format JSON
Authentication (OAuth) Yes

Refering the circuit alarm infomation

GET /v1/circuitalarms/alarms

Example Request

HEADER Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN]*
* Reffer to "OAuth API" as the way to get the token.

Response Parameters

Name Description type
contractId sercive contract ID String
vpnGroupId VPN group ID String
customerId custmer ID String
originalAlarmName alarm name String
originalEventTime alarm occured time DateTimeOffset
alarmDescription alarm discription String
rootCauseDescription root cause String
requestDescription request for customer String
plannedOutage planned outage flag Boolean
noManageReason customer planned outage flag Boolean

Example Result

"value": [
        "plannedOutage": false, 
        "originalAlarmName": BGPDown, 
        "noManageReason": false, 
        "alarmDiscription": "BGPDown was detected", 
        "vpnGroupId": "V********",
        "originalEventTime": "2016-11-14T04:01:57Z", 
        "alarmDescription":"Link down was detected from LAN side of customer Optical Network Unit",
        "rootCauseDescription":"Link down of customer connecting port of our unit may caused by customer work",
        "requestDescription":"Please check a state of the power failure or customer work, or make inquires to us",
"@odata.count": 2

Query Parameters

Avilabel parameter in the request URL query.

Name Description
$filter specify the serch requirment. It is equivalent to "where" phrase of SQL.
$select specify the property.It is equivalent to "select" phrase of SQL.
$orderby specify the order or property of the sort key.It is equivalent to "order by" phrase of SQL.
$top, $skip, maxpagesize the parameter of the paging in the sever side.

Current counts of response alarms in first page are 10.
To get alarms over 10, server side paging is needed.

In case of getting alarms over 10
 GET /v1/circuitalarms/alarms?$skip=10
In case of getting alarms over 20
 GET /v1/circuitalarms/alarms?$skip=20
In case of making the server side paging invalid
 GET /v1/circuitalarms/alarms?odata.maxpagesize=0
In case of getting alarms top 5
 GET /v1/circuitalarms/alarms?$top=5