Price API


This API allows you to control the current contract amount information for NTT Com Services.

Resource URL

Please use global common domain, or the individual region domain.

If you want to use the global common domain, depending on the circumstances of your available points, your request connect to the nearest API gateway.

1.Base Path(Global Load Balance)

2.Base Path(Region)

  • region is jp|us|fr|sg
  • e.g.

Resource Information

Key Value
Response Format JSON
Authentication (OAuth) Yes
Bandwidth control#1 Yes
  • #1 implement appropriate flow restriction in the customer connection unit

GET Price Info

GET /v1/business-process/prices/{contractId}

Request Parameters

Name Description type mandatory
contractId Service Contract ID path Yes
serviceName Service Name#1 query argument Yes
  • #1 ell-flexible

Example Request

 GET /v1/business-process/prices/N*********?serviceName=ell-flexible

Response Parameters

No Name Description Type Length
1 result Result#1 String 6
2 contractBillInfo Contract Price Information#2 Object -
2-1 billContractId Number of Contract String 64
2-2 baseBandwidth Base Band Width#3 String 64
2-3 baseBill Basic Amount of Money String 64
2-4 addBill100m 100Mbps Additional Price String 64
2-5 addBill1g 1Gbps Additional Price String 64
  • #1 Error Code below.

    Code Name Description
    000000 Success Successful completion.
    100000 No Data No data found.
    111000 Regulation Service unavailable by regulation.
    910000 Parameter Error Bad request parameters.
    920000 Resource Error Cannot access local resources.
    930000 Internal Error API service internal error.
    990000 Internal Error Unexpected error.

  • #2 This parameter is set when result is success.

  • #3 It is set a value of Mbps.

Example Result

    "contractBillInfo": {
        "addBill100m": "15000", 
        "addBill1g": "150000", 
        "baseBandwidth": "500", 
        "baseBill": "150000", 
        "billContractId": "N*********"
    "result": "000000"