NTT Com Service OAuth API


We require applications to authenticate all of NTT Com API requests via API Gateway with OAuth2.0.

Resource URL

Please use use of global common domain , or the individual region domain .
If you want to use the global common domain , depending on the circumstances of your available points , and then connect to the nearest API gateway .1

1.Base Path(Global Load Balance)

2.Base Path(Region)

  • region is jp|us|uk
  • e.g.

Resource Information

Key Value
Response Format JSON
Authorization(OAuth) Yes
Rate Limiting#1 Yes
  • #1 appropriate flow restriction

Get OAuth AccessToken

POST /v1/oauth/accesstokens

Request Parmeters

Name Description type mandatory
grantType client_credentials JSON Yes
clientId Cousumer Key of Target App on Developer Portal MyPage JSON Yes
clientSecret Consumer Secret of Target App on Developer Portal MyPage JSON Yes
  • NOTE: You should set Content-Type: application/json HTTP header with OAuth API Call

Example Request

Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

POST /v1/oauth/accesstokens

Response Parameters

Name Description type mandatory
accessToken access token String Yes
tokenType token type String Yes
expiresIn token valid time String Yes
scope access token scope String Yes
issuedAt token issue date String Yes

Example Result

   "accessToken": "[YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN]",
   "tokenType": "BearerToken",
   "expiresIn": "3599" ,
   "scope": "READ WRITE" ,
   "issuedAt": "1407483969339"

Note: Consumer Key, Consumer Secret and accessToken values SHOULD be considered as sensitive as passwords and MUST not be shared or distributed to untrusted parties in accordance with API gateway Terms of Use.


Set the accessToken in the Authorization request header field based on the OAuth specification.

 Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN]

  1. Dec. 2014 currently, DNS round robin operation. Apr. 2015 or later, API request will automatically connect to geographically close API gateway