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What is xTech?

xTech is the keyword for which we at the API team advocate.

15 Major xTech markets

In the last article, we discussed a summary of xTech.

A Great Future Created by JSON Schema

JSON has been increasingly adopted as a Web API format.

5 Services of APIs indexing for find useful API

When you will mash up APIs and create a new service, you have to first find an API providing the

The Way of Enterprise API Utilization – Interview with API Gateway Developer Team

What are the challenges and advantages of enterprise API utilization?

Let's Try! 5 API Services of Machine Learning

The evolution of the cloud has brought big data and the field of machine learning, which is curre

The eight requirements of enterprise API

In this installment, I will write about precautions involved in offering an enterprise-level API.

JSON Schema Generator Software and Libraries

It is not realistic to manually create JSON schema.