Frequently Asked Questions

What is an API?

API stands for application programming interface.

What is the Developer Portal?

The portal enables system developers to use their own IT systems to directly browse and manipulate information on the application, operation and management of NTT Com IT services. Interoperability with customer systems can be assessed by confirming API specifications for each NTT Com service.

What is the API Gateway?

The API Gateway leverages NTT Com’s network and cloud to enable corporate customers to use NTT Com services faster and more efficiently, and supports system integrators and software developers who create solutions that deploy these services.

What is 2 Step verification?

It uses two ways to verify your identity whenever you sign in to your Developer Portal account:
- Your password
- An extra security code
This setting is not required.But we recommend to you to use this site more secure.

Supported systems and browsers at Developer Portal.
  • Firefox31 and later(Mac, Windows)
  • Google Chrome(Mac, Windows)
  • Safari(Mac/iPhone/iPad)
  • Internet Exploler9 and later(Windows)
    Download the latest versions and use it.
How much is fee of API Gateway/Developer Portal?

It is free.
But customer's system development costs will be borne by the customers.