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What is xTech?


xTech is the keyword for which we at the API team advocate. Now, we would like to present an overview of the concept.

What is xTech?

As of late, the buzzword "FinTech" has been making the rounds. This term was coined by combining the terms "finance" and "technology." Other well-known examples of the same type of term include AgriTech (agriculture + technology), EdTech (education + technology), and AdTech (advertising + technology). xTech is a general term for these portmanteaus of "________" + "Technology."

15 Major xTech markets

In the last article, we discussed a summary of xTech. In this time, we write about what different fields there are. Use this list to check if there is a market developing around your field. Note that...

A Great Future Created by JSON Schema

JSON has been increasingly adopted as a Web API format. While JSON can be handled easily in light description languages, the trouble it has with assuring data content is viewed as problematic. For thi...
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