Cloudn Compute API


This is the NTT Com Cloudn Compute API (CloudStack Base) via the API gateway,
FLAT type and VPC type OpenNW are available.
Location header for Cloudn type allows you use cloudn API without switching the endpoint specification.

Resource URL

Please use global common domain, or the individual region domain.

If you want to use the global common domain, depending on the circumstances of your available points,
your request connect to the nearest API gateway.1

1.Base Path(Global Load Balance)

2.Base Path(Region)

  • region is jp|us|uk
  • e.g.

Resource Information

Key Value
Response Format JSON/XML
Authentication (OAuth) For API Gateway Yes
Authentication (HMAC) For Cloudn Compute Yes
Bandwidth control#1 Yes
  • #1 implement appropriate flow restriction in the customer connection unit

Cloudn Compute operation

FLAT type, and VPC type OpenNW are both CloudStack Base.
Detail is CloudStack API
or Cloudn API

Additional specifications for using the Cloudn Compute API via the API gateway is as follows.

Request Parameters

Name Description type mandatory
X-Api-Location FLAT/OpenNW Region Header Yes

FLAT/OpenNW Type Region

Pattern Cloudn Compute Type Cloudn Compute Region
jp-east-vpc OpenNW JP East
jp-east-flat Flat JP East
jp-west-flat Flat JP West
us-flat Flat US

Example Request

GET /v1/cloudn/compute?command=listZones&response=json&apiKey={CloudnConsumerKey}&signature={CloudnHMAC}

Response Parameters

Detail is CloudStack API
or Cloudn API

Example Result

  "listzonesresponse": {
  "count": 2,
  "zone": [
        "id": "80827400-840e-4e14-a0f3-54a998abff82",
        "name": "jp-e1a",
        "networktype": "Advanced",
        "securitygroupsenabled": false,
        "allocationstate": "Enabled",
        "zonetoken": "89b1ea0e-9c12-3e50-a50d-202b3deb15be",
        "dhcpprovider": "VirtualRouter",
        "localstorageenabled": false
        "id": "6efc3f02-18b5-4800-b1a4-08431cf89706",
        "name": "jp-e1b",
        "networktype": "Advanced",
        "securitygroupsenabled": false,
        "allocationstate": "Enabled",
        "zonetoken": "d189dd65-e5f3-3b61-89cb-882885c38729",
        "dhcpprovider": "VirtualRouter",
        "localstorageenabled": false

  1. Dec. 2014 currently, DNS round robin operation. Apr. 2015 or later, API request will automatically connect to geographically close API gateway